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SENANA Amino Acid Face Cleanser

Pearl amino acid cleansing milk. facial cleanser
Effect: Mild cleaning. darkness and roughness
Suitable Age: Unlimited.deep cleaning.whitening
Suitable for: For dry skin. oily skin. skin care.aloe extract
Item Type: Facial treatment. facial aesthetics. skin care
Use for face: Rich foaming.clean the skin dirt. pearl powder
Quality Inspection: Qualified. natural skin care ingredients

Problems appearing due to unclean cleansing

Senana Amino Acid Cleanser ✔Coarse pores ✔Blackhead nose ✔Pimples on the whole face ✔Greasy and shiny face

Mildly cleanse Create clean and beautiful skin

Senana Amino Acid Cleanser ✔Refreshing, transparent and clean skin ✔Balance water and oil ✔Highlight complexion ✔Nourish and hydrate

Remarkable cleansing power Nourishing and hydrating

Senana Amino Acid Cleanser 01 Fine foams Silky smooth emulsion texture Dense foam can rise. It can easily take away dirt on skin and old cutin. 02 Watery and hydrating When cleaning the skin, it can keep the sense of nourishing. After cleaning, skin still keeps watery, tender and smooth. 03 Not tight after washing It contains the moisture components of amino acid, absorbs dirt and residual grease and promotes the balance of water and oil. Make the facial skin natural, soft, tender and smooth. It is really smooth.

●Cleanliness Dense and rich foam and strong cleaning force Mildly remove daily cosmetics and have good cleaning force

●Hydrating level After cleaning, skin becomes smooth and not tight After using it, skin locks moisture and hydrates. Skin becomes refreshing and not greasy.