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High Pressure Propagation Box Grafting Breed Plant Rooting Ball

Want to clone your plant but are afraid to disturb your existing plants?

Don't worry– the plant propagation air layer pods are safe for the mother plant and will not cause any damage to spread at any time! Plant propagation agent-using the ancient method of air stratification, that is, the roots are directly grown on the branches to replicate existing plants and produce new plants.

It also applies to Indoor and outdoor plants, such as roses, climbers, trees, fruit trees, fruit trees, and difficult-to-root plants such as magnolia and camellia.

No damage – it does not damage the parent plant at all, because it only uses a small branch on the plant you want to clone, so there is little interference, nor will it interfere with the natural growth of the plant.

Strong and fast results – this was created especially with the cutting globe design, it can help your cuttings get stronger roots and thus reproduce more mature plants faster than normal Spread method.

It allows you to view the propagation results within 6-8 weeks after installation.

Safety locks – designed with plugs and corner locks that interlock with each other and are fixed to the branches to secure the spreader in place, even if there are no rods underneath. but you A plastic cable tie can be used to securely fix the case.

Reusable – The breeding shell is durable and can be used repeatedly, so you can clone more plants according to your preferences.

Thanks to the cascading pods in the plant propagation layer, it is easy and easy to connect and clone existing plants!

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