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High Quality Anti-Slip Orthopedic and extremely comfortable Sole Shoes

This Leather Man Shoe is a modern and even classic piece.

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Classically styled with attractive brown leather, these new and improved orthopedic shoes feature unparalleled comfort with cushioned soles that promote good posture as they eliminate muscle weakness and imbalances.

Perfect for daily wear, travel, or virtually any other occasion, these shoes feature a specially designed sole that eliminates pain as it re-balances bones both in the feet and body alike to promote comfortable and healthier walking.

You can use this Leather Man Shoe for a long time, probably for decades if properly stored and maintained.

The insole is also a PU leather material which possesses high tear resistance along with high tensile properties

Design to ensure pleasant wear and also feel comfortable walking around. 

  Stable Grip: Stable grip to keep a pure balance.

 Extremely Slip-Resistant Sole: Strong grip to stay in place.

 Easy Access : Our shoes work with all orthopedic soles without issue.

 Posture Correction: Stretch your hips, correct your leg position and avoid muscle disorders/muscle pain by automatically adjusting the position of your feet.

 Even Pressure Distribution: Our bow design ensures that your body weight is evenly distributed across your toes, arch, and ball of the foot at all times.