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Handmade Macrame Plant Hanger Flower Pot

We are about your home’s first impression—the face it presents to the world (and to you, when you come home every day).

And while you may think of your home’s exterior and interior as something that’s difficult to change without investing a lot of money and time, there are actually quite a few (really simple, DIY) things you can do to enhance your home’s appeal—many of them without even picking up a hammer.

We have a lot of plants in our home—they are a great addition to any space as they literally bring life into the room (they are alive!). Some of them can help clean the air, and as an added bonus, they are cute too!

Since we have a toddler roaming our halls, we’ve had to rethink our plant strategy by moving a lot of plants that we used to have on the ground up higher onto tables and shelves (some of you may have to do that because of naughty pets too).

Another good way to get a plant off the floor is to do a hanging planter and I thought that it would be a cool look to do a two-tier planter with acrylic discs for a lighter look so that the plants looked like they were floating in mid-air.