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EasyScrub™ Silicone Washing Gloves



"Wow. I thought this was just another over-hyped product advertised on Facebook. I bit the bullet and ordered one. Everyone one in our house loved the product so much I bought three more to give away to my aunts! Service was great too." - Susie Chase, purchased Aug 11, 2020.



✔ Never Get Your Hands Wet
✔ Clean With Speed and Efficiency
✔ No More Stinky, Bacteria-Laden Sponges


⏩ MULTIPLE USES -- The EasyScrub™ Silicone Washing Gloves are perfect for dishwashing, car washing , scrubbing floors and appliances, dog hair, and cleaning fruits & vegetables. The gloves can be used just like regular washing gloves except you won’t need a sponge, just add soap!

⏩ HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE -- Silicone scrubbing gloves dish gloves can withstand temperatures up to 320°F/160°C. Which means you can use them just as easily as oven mitts and also disinfect them easily in boiling water or in your dishwasher! 

⏩ ECO-FRIENDLY -- Our dishwashing gloves are made of high-quality BPA-free, food grade silicone. Silicone scrubber gloves are light weight ergonomic design that will fit most size hands. 

⏩ EASY TO CLEAN -- The gloves are super easy to clean, just rinse with water and let hang to dry! The scrubby washing gloves are tear resistant, bacteria resistant, and do not deform under high heat. No more stinky, bacteria-laden sponges!