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Acne Treatment Blackhead Repair Whitening Moisturizer

Effectively moisturizes and brightens the skin, balances oil secretion, removes acne and acne

Mango essence series

Eliminates acne marks and moisturizes skin . MANGO Repair Acne Cream 15g


Slogan:Mango Repair Acne Cream Net Wt:0.53fl.oz/15g Features:Pure natural plant extracts, moisturizes and brightens skin, balances oil secretion, removes acne marks,acne marks , shrinks pores , and presents flawless skin. Repir Aome Crean:Suitable for a variety of skin types,especially for acne skin. Shelf life:3 years Storage:Please place in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.


1.Mango extract Extract mango extract and balance oil secretion 2.Dipotassium glyeyrrhizinate Pure naturalplant extractsto moisturize skin 3.Mango extract Eliminates acne marks,shrinks pores, and presents flawless skin 4.Glycerin Moisturizgs skin, locks in moistre and restores skin vality

How to us

1. After cleansing in the 2. Apply the product 3. Massage until the skin is morning and evening to the skin completely absorbed